Cubs is the second section in the scouting family, after beavers and before scouts.  A cub is typically 8 to 10┬Żyrs old.

If you as a young person or adult would like to get involved, please follow the contact us link and get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

04/09/2019Pioneering Challenges
11/09/2019Skills Night
18/09/2019Magic TricksGames - Meteors Introduce Magic tricks in view of cubs doing it as a show for the Christmas party.
25/09/2019Camp Skills(1) Code of conduct 10 mins (2) Start game.. Five Bean Bag Challenge POL 315 15 mins (3) True False Game...... what to/not take to camp 15 mins (4) Packing skills in bases, roll-mats, sleeping bags, kit bag. 35 mins (5) Relay Race.... pick up an item and decide to take it, leave it at home or either. 15 mins (6) Game?
27/09/2019Group Camp Sep 19
02/10/2019Home Safety
09/10/2019Code of conductActive Game Feed back on camp (1) what they enjoyed, good (2) what they weren't keen on (3) what they do differently Code of Conduct Conkers
16/10/2019Hacka & food Model
23/10/2019Halloweenmaking ghosts decorating biscuits
30/10/2019Half Term
13/11/2019Digital Treasure huntUsing cameras and software create a
20/11/2019Digital - Graphics & Coding
27/11/2019Digital wk 3 - internet
30/11/2019Bike Ride - Middlewood way & canal
04/12/2019Wide Game & collectors badge
11/12/2019Climbing @ Substation
18/12/2019Joint Christmas party



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