Cubs is the second section in the scouting family, after beavers and before scouts.  A cub is typically 8 to 10½yrs old.

Cubs news!

With Easter fast approaching it’s time to think about what we’ve achieved this term and what we’re going to do this summer.

Firstly, we’ve completed the athletics badge and will have completed Our Skills challenge by the end of term. We have done all our cycle safety work and are looking forward to the drier weather so we can get out and explore on our bikes. Due to the horrendous weather this term, we have not been able to get out to investigate our surroundings for the Nature badge. We will use the hopefully better weather after Easter to complete our work on this activity, please keep your fingers crossed!

So on to the summer term, with hopefully better weather. We are hoping to get out and about on our bikes and on our feet to complete the Cycling and nature badges. Plans for a Group camp with all the Beavers/Cubs/Scouts are in the early stages and once they are finalised, we will pass on the details to parents. In preparation for this camp, we will be honing our camping and outdoor survival skills, so that we are more Bear Grylls than Yogi Bear in July.

If you as a young person or adult would like to get involved, please follow the contact us link and get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.




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